Pagespeed Hosting X-Large

20,00 / Month

Monthly Plan

The Price for this hosting package is €20 per month.

No hidden charges

Purchase Webhosting X Large at 19,99€ per month and get all the features below.

No Server Maintainance

You have to maintain your sites and take care of them only, the rest is being done on my end.

Ready within 2 Hours

I will create the account for your purchase as soon as possible. At least within 2 Hours during Business Hours

PayPal Supported

Checkout using MasterCard, VISA, JCB or American Express, or the traditional Bank Transfer.



10 Domains

This hosting plans contains the hosting for 10 Domain.

30 Subdomains

30 Subdomains are included.

30 GB SSD Storage

Use up to 30 GB blazing fast SSD storage for your websites.

Free SSL Certificate

Generate SSL certificates for your Website and Subdomains at no cost with Let’s Encrypt SSL.


Daily backups of your sites for max. 7 days. Additionally the whole server is backed up once a week.


Get the best from the latest and fastest PHP version

Custom php.ini Support

Modify your php.ini settings to your needs

50 FTP Accounts

Create up to 50 FTP Accounts to upload files to your websites.

.htaccess Support

Protect directories in your webspace with passwords.

50 Cron Jobs

Create up to 50 cronjobs for each website.

Apache Hosting

Apache is one of the most popular web server used to deliver dynamic content on the web.


Use Mod_Expires to benefit from caching and fast website speed.


Mod_rewrite is supported to give your websites pretty URLs and make them SEO friendly.


Use Mod_GEO_IP for Web Applications to support native GEO IP implementations.


Mod_pagespeed is an amazing Apache mod which will allow you to speed up your websites.

GZIP Compression

GZIP compression will make sure that your content will be compressed and then delivered to your user. GZip compressed files are very much smaller and therefore site loading is very much more faster with GZip.

100 Email Accounts

Create up to 100 mail boxes. Benefit from features like Email Forwarding (incoming and outgoing), Catch-All E-Mails, E-Mail Aliases, Autoresponder, E-Mail filters

Mail Box Size

Mail Boxes are limited to 512MB each.


All popular E-Mail Protokolls are supported.

Roundcube Webmail

Access your eMails from anywhere, just in the browser.

DKIM Support

Have your E-Mails signed with your DKIM keys to make sure E-Mails are not being altered during transport.

Virus Scanner

All E-Mails are being scanned by ClamAV to make sure a virus is not being send to your inbox.

Network Firewall

Servers are protected with DIGITAL OCEAN’s Firewall before the traffic reaches the Server.

Fail2Ban protection

Additionally Fail2Ban is setup very tight and allows max. 3 wrong Logins for E-Mails.

Fail2Ban WordPress Protection

Install WP Fail2Ban on your WordPress site, and your wp-login.php is protected by Fail2Ban and will block IPs after 3 false login attempts.

MySQL databases

100 MySQL Databases.


Access your Databases from the browser.

Remote MySQL Access

Access your MySQL Databases remotely from another server.

Database Quotas

Max. 350 MB / Database.

Ubuntu Linux Servers

Services are hosted on Ubuntu Linux.