ISPConfig Web Server

29,00 one-off

No limits

This type of setup will give you the ability to host your websites on your own server. There is no limit on how many sites you want to serve, except of the limitations of your server.

Setup within 12 Hours

I will finish the Setup within 12 hours after you send me the SSH Root Login to your Server.

Digital Ocean Small Server

This Service is the best option when you want to spend $5 / Month for a small Digital Ocean Server

Priority Setup € 19,- only

Add Express Setup to your order and your setup will be the first thing I'll take care of in the morning Add Priority Setup.

PayPal Supported

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Have your own web server for your sites

Order this Service in case you want to have your web server where you can host your own websites on. Benefit from the freedom you have to know where your sites are running on and the freedom to adjust the server to your particular needs.

Having your own web server, will allow you to have control over the full environment and makes you independent from a hosting company and their restrictions. The only restrictions you have, is the law and the resources of your server. This setup will give you the freedom to create as many databases, web sites, FTP accounts, cron jobs, SSH accounts, and much more, as your server can handle.

And keep in mind that this setup comes with Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt will allow you to create all the SSL certificates you need for your web sites for free and hassle free. Just create a A record for a domain or sub-domain you want to fire up, create your domain / sub-domain in ISPConfig, and enable the Let’s Encrypt checkbox and you are good to go.

Apache 2.4

Apache 2.4 is one of the best Web-servers to deliver dynamic content. With plenty of available mods Apache can be aligned to your needs.

Mod Pagespeed

mod_pagespeed is a Apache mod that will make your websites running blazing fast. Pagespeed takes care of things like minifying CSS, HTML, JS, aligning Images, and very much more.

Apache caching mods

To get a good performance for your website you should take advantage of caching. With caching you also safe some resources because less data has to be send by the server to the browser.

Apache Mod GEO IP

mod_geo_ip allows webapps like Piwik to determine where your visitors are coming from. GEOiP is also used by WooCommerce to determine where a customer is coming from.


Take advantage of your own server and setup as many FTP accounts for your websites as your server can handle. PureFTPD will be setup to deliver a valid Certificate depending on your Hostname.


Fail2Ban allows you to block IP addresses of bots who try to log into your server. Fail2Ban will be configured to protect your server for PureFTPD, SSH & WordPress. Fail2Ban will send you eMails to notify about blocked IP addresses.


Maria DB is a fork of MySQL. Maria DB is a very performant SQL Server.

ISPConfig FireWall

ISPCOnfig allows you to manage the Ubuntu Firewall.

Lets Encrypt

Lets Encrypt allows you to create SSL certificates for any website that you have control over.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is one of the most popular operating systems available for Desktops and Servers. By now only Ubuntu is supported.

DigitalOcean Icon

Digital Ocean Notice

In case you host your server on Digital Ocean, you can also let me know the login and I will setup DO FireWall for you.