ISPConfig Multi Server

149,00 one-off

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Create as many Websites, Databases, FTP Accounts or E-Mail Accounts and DNS Records as your servers can handle

Setup within 12 Hours

I will finish the Setup within 12 hours after you send me the SSH Root Login to your Servers.

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Add Express Setup to your order and your setup will be the first thing I'll take care of in the morning Add Priority Setup.

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Get yourself a Multi Server Cluster

ISPConfig allows you not only to manage all services on one single server, but also to manage dedicated services on foreign servers. Manage all services from just one single Server Control Panel and benefit from having dedicated servers for your Nameservers, Mail Server and Database Servers. Ordering this service contains the Setup of multiple servers and connecting them to one control panel.

Use this setup to either become your own hosting company or to host your websites on your own server and get the ability to know where your data is being stored and how it is being stored. You control what you host and you control the entire server and don’t have to depend on a hosting company.

Another benefit of having the services running on different servers is, that you can adjust the capacities of the servers dynamically. In case your database server is lately running out of ram, you can just upgrade this one machine, without the need to touch the others.

The Setup offered here, will be similar to my latest Tutorial on: ISPConfig Multi Server on Ubuntu 16.04

Dedicated ISPConfig
Web and File Server (Master)

The Web Server will be prepared for you with Apache2, Pagespeed, GeoIP, php7, Roundcube, phpMyAdmin, Let’s Encrypt, PureFTPD, Fail2Ban and much more. The Web Server will also be your Master Server and will deliver the ISPConfig Interface which allows you to control the Servers from one control panel.

Dedicated primary
Nameserver (NS1)

The Primary Nameserver will be the NS1 Server. The Setup will allow you to use ns1.your-domain.tld as your primary Nameserver for your sites and services.

Dedicated secondary
Nameserver (NS2)

To be able to use your own Nameservers, you need two different machines with two different IP Addresses. NS2 will be setup as your secondary Nameserver and will be a exact mirror of NS1.

Dedicated MariaDB
Datebase Server

In this Setup, all the databases and database users for the websites will be created and hosted on a dedicated server. Since it doesn’t need to take care of other things, you can use a server with less CPU/ RAM for it and adjust it in case you need more power or storage.

Mail Server

Have emails separated from the Web Server to keep things physically separated and to be able to adjust recourses dynamically. The Mail Server will be prepared to reject most of the penis enlargement emails by implementing a strong control mechanism with SPF Policy, HELO EHLO authentication and much more.