The most commonly used and known Hosting Management tool is Plesk. But whenever you rent a VPS with Plesk running on it, you will be charged a extra fee every month for your Plesk License. Whenever you have exhausted your licenses and want to add another site just to test things, you have to extend your Plesk license. ISPConfig has no limits. You can create and run and maintain as many sites and domains as much as you like and as much as your server can handle. ISPConfig is a amazing hosting control panel which allows you to run and maintain your server, mail domains, web sites, MySQL databases, DNS records, FTP accounts and users, clients, re-seller and very much more.

The setup of a ISPConfig server, either on a VPS or a dedicated bare metal server can be difficult. Especially for people who don’t have the technical knowledge to such a setup. Therefore I offer this as a service. Since years I work with ISPConfig on Ubuntu and during this time I did many installations for enterprise level customers.

In terms of installing, running, maintaining and updating ISPConfig, I have the very best experience on UBUNTU based Linux servers. In case you need a suggestion or a advice in regards of a server provider, please feel free to contact me and let me know what you are planing, and I will be happy to suggest you a good server for your plans.

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